The Central Wyoming Climbers' Alliance (WyoClimbers) exists to be a resource for Wyoming climbers, community members, and visitors. Our threefold mission is to:

Protect access to climbing, care for our crags and trails, work with land managers/owners and other users to build cooperative management plans, and advocate for new and existing climbing areas in Central Wyoming.

Educate new climbers by providing access to education services and climbing facilities, introduce new climbers to climbing ethics and their role as environmental stewards, develop new programming that makes the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of climbing more easily accessed by all.

Celebrate climbing within the communities of Central Wyoming through organizing and promoting events in those communities, such as the annual International Climbers' Festival.

The CWCA/WyoClimbers is a 501(c)(3). All proceeds from events go back into our communities through the programming we run. We spend our money by providing scholarships and subsidies to youth and adults to attend climbing programming, providing free climbing opportunities to our communities, and on projects associated with the maintenance of our crags and trails.

We want this website to be a resource for climbers throughout the state to get and share information. We collaborate with other climbing organizations to give you up to date information regarding climbing events in Wyoming. 

Photography LEFT TO RIGHT: Will McKay, Lauren Heerschap, Emily Weldin, Carlos Flores.

Upcoming Events

Community News & Events

Wild Iris Mountain Sports and Kuhl Pant-Cake Breakfast Fundraiser for the CWCA/WyoClimbers - Saturday, May 19th

If you plan on eating breakfast on Saturday, May 19th, do it at WIMS!  All proceeds from raffle tickets and $5 coffee mug donations go to the CWCA/WyoClimbers!  The raffle prize packages are amazing, and you can buy tickets ahead of time on the event website or in person at the breakfast.  

Then head over to the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend Expo at the Lander Community Center and visit us at our booth and climbing wall!

Bob Branscomb Update: Bob is home from the hospital as of May 1, doing intensive physical therapy.  Keep sending him good vibes!

Notable Lander climber, Bob Branscomb, is ill. Bob is suffering from Guillain- Barre Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body's immune system attacks the nerves. He began feeling initial symptoms in early February, and was flown to Salt Lake City for comprehensive diagnosis and care. He has been in University Hospital in SLC for about seven weeks, has received available treatment, and is now immersed in physical therapy. For several weeks, Bob was unable to move his arms or legs; his recent breakthrough was to raise both arms above his head, and he is working to regain fine motor skills in his hands. At this date, Bob is unable to walk or stand. Bob's wife, Kristi Stouffer, has been with him in the hospital since February, except for a few quick days home.

The cause of GBS is unknown, and although there is no known cure, most people recover with treatment and time. Bob is hopeful for a full recovery, but he has a long, steep and rocky trail ahead of him. It is unclear when he will be able to return home to Lander. When he does, it will doubtless be to a continuing course of rigorous physical therapy.

Bob Branscomb is well known to local climbers for his dozens of sport routes in Sinks Canyon, developed over the last 20 years. Beyond clipping bolts, Bob is an exceptionally versatile climber;  in some 50 years of climbing he has climbed Denali, Yosemite big walls, alpine routes in the Tetons and Colorado, and Cody ice. About a week before being stricken with GBS, Bob had led hard ice pitches on Golden Tiers at Lake Louise.

If you know Bob (or just value his contributions to local climbing), your note of support would surely buoy his spirits. Please email him at