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Please include the following details when using this form:

*** If you find a spinning bolt, please tighten it, and report it. DO NOT REMOVE IT.  

What happened/ what you are reporting (i.e. access issue, incident, wildlife encounter, missing bolts, observed need, etc)

Where it happened - be clear about area name, route names, and include exact location or coordinates if you have them.

When it happened - date and time

Who was involved - please include names and contact information so we can follow up. Especially if this is something you observed and did not actually happen to you. If you wish to remain anonymous, please state this in the drop down menu at the bottom of the form.

Why it happened - What led up to the occurrence, or your perception of why access to an area may be threatened (i.e. kids were feeding the bear, or bolts are old and need replaced, Adjacent land owner did not seem to care for climbers, etc)

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Please use one of the following subjects: Access issue Area concern Missing area/Route info Incident Report a different problem Question/Comment

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