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The Sweetwater - Greg Collins wrote a guide book, Sam included only what was easy reliable and public access. Hx of no route info is directly tied to access being confusing, unclear, or through private land. - we dont promote them because we are trying to respect land managers and owners. We are constantly asked.  - Tim tula? - info

sam - opinion- difficult to find, not all the local land owners are not open to climbers (the sheriff may be called if you are trespassing). Do Not trespass. this area embodies the spirit of adventure climbing in Wyoming. dont go there unprepared and be ready for stout climbing. 

Laramie Area

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Lander Area

Lander: Lander was known as Pushroot, Fort Brown, and Fort Auger prior to its current name. The town was named Lander in honor of General Frederick W. Lander, a famous transcontinental explorer who surveyed the Oregon Trail's Lander Cutoff.[7] Several miles southeast of town near present-day U.S. Route 287 is the site of Wyoming's first oil well, circa 1884.[8] The town was incorporated in 1890.[9]

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lander,_Wyoming



Keep Climbing Areas Clean! - if you brought it in, please make sure it leaves with you.  We find most climbers are excellent at this. Thanks.

Got to Poo? - Please use an existing facility or bring a wag bag. If there is no existing facility and you must go, make sure you dig a proper cathole, bury it completely and are well away from trails, campsites, and the climbing areas. Do NOT bury toilet paper or (eeek! even worse) baby wipes. We are in a high desert and our soil has fewer microbes than you think. The wyoming climbing community is known to be friendly and gregarious. We dont tolerate rude behavior - quote lonesome dove. 

Please stay on trail and camp in designated or existing sites only. 

Report any access issues, strange encounters with other users, encounters with wildlife, or suggestions and comments here.

Read the Guidebook and Land Management websites so you can be up do date on Current Restrictions, New Rules, and  Wildlife that live in the area. We have Black Bears, Grizzley Bears, Rattle Snakes and more.

Climbing Ethics:

You are solely responsible for you, your knowledge of climbing risks, ability to recognize hazards and your safety. Please make sure you understand the risks of climbing and the systems necessary to minimize risk to yourself and others.

We climb at the disgression of Land Managers and Private Land Owners. You are an ambassador representing all climbers when you are hear. Your actions can improve or degrade those relationships. Please be polite and follow all Land Manager rules and posted signs - link to BLM, link to USFS, link to State Park

If it is red tagged, dont climb it. 

If it is not your route and does not exist in a current guidebook or on mountain project, dont list it without contacting the First Ascentionist AND obtaining permission. 

Please consider the style and ethic of the first ascentionist when talking about new climbs and new areas. If they were or are keeping it off the radar, consider doing the same. If they dont feel they need recognition, ask yourself why you do. Try to consider who the climber is, why they put up a route, and their personal style and ethics and access issues when sharing information.

No one likes a spray-lord/lass. Check with the climber you are aiming at before you unload your beta bullets. 

The current Lander Rock Climbs lists over 1,100 routes. If you arrive at an area and someone is on the climb you want to climb, try to avoid waiting in line if there are other open climbs within your ability. Let the party know you would like to climb it next, then occupy yourself if possible. We would like to avoid piling up under climbs. 

We love and own dogs! But, unless your dog is the kind that literally lies at the base of the climb you are on and shows no interest in sniffing other humans, animals, or burritos that wander by, please keep it leashed. We ask you to be proactive rather than waiting until your dog runs off, nips at something, humps someone, or eats their lunch. we know your dog is good. Just because a dog is good for you, doesnt mean its good around others or in cramped spaces. Please pick up their poo. 

Hwy 131 - Sinks Canyon FR #326 Main Wall, OK Corral - Wild Iris

Hwy 131 - Sinks Canyon

FR #326 Main Wall, OK Corral - Wild Iris

link to Access fund, Link to LNT