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Keep Climbing Areas Clean! - if you brought it in, please make sure it leaves with you. We find most climbers are excellent at this. Thanks.

Got to Poo? - Please use an existing facility or bring a wag bag. If there is no existing facility and you must go, make sure you dig a proper cathole, bury it completely and are well away from trails, campsites, water and the climbing areas. Do NOT bury toilet paper or (eeek! even worse) baby wipes. We are in a high desert and our soil has fewer microbes than you think. "The Wyoming climbing community is known to be friendly and gregarious. We don't tolerate rude behavior." - quote Lonesome Dove.

Please stay on trails and camp in designated or existing sites only.

Report any access issues, strange encounters with other users, encounters with wildlife, or suggestions and comments here.

Read the Guidebook and Land Management websites so you can be up do date on Current Restrictions

Wildlife, we have it. Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Mountain Lions, Rattlesnakes and more. Respect and keep your distance!

You are solely responsible for you, your knowledge of climbing risks, ability to recognize hazards and your safety. Please make sure you understand the risks of climbing and the systems necessary to minimize risk to yourself and others.

If it is red tagged, dont climb it.

No one likes a spray-lord/lass. Check with the climber you are aiming at before you unload those beta bullets.

If you dont have to form a line, please dont.

DOGS: We love em', but unless your dog is the kind that literally lies at the base of the climb you are on and shows no interest in sniffing/biting/barking at other humans, animals, or burritos that wander by, please keep it leashed. We ask you to be proactive rather than waiting until your dog runs off, nips at someone, starts fights with other dogs, humps someone, or eats their lunch. We know your dog is good. Just because a dog is good for you, doesnt mean its good around others or in cramped spaces. Please pick up their poo.


The Cowfish/Lander Brewing - Fine Dining and Cocktails - 148 main street (307) 332-8227

Historic Lander Bar - 126 Main Street (307) 332-8228

The Juicery - Raw Juice, smoothies, burritos, lots of vegan options - 228 Main Street (307) 332-2943

The Lander Bake Shop - Fine coffee, baked goods, and paleo options - 259 Main Street (307) 438-4305

The Middle Fork - High end breakfast and lunch - 351 Main st (307) 335-5035

El Sol - Mexican dishes lunch and dinner - 453 Main (307) 332-9298


The Oxbow - 170 Main St (307) 332-0233

The Maverick - 808 Main St (307) 332-2300


Lander City Park - Free for 3 days at a time - 405 Fremont St 307) 332-4647

Covenant Presbyterian Church - Call First - (307) 332-3834

Holiday Lodge
210 McFarlane, Hwy. Jct. 287 and 789
(307) 332-2511)
$10/per person; Drinking water, toilets, tables, hot showers with soap $5/person, wireless, and laundry.

Sinks Canyon:
Various free and paid options, all on the left side of the road as you drive up the canyon.

Sinks Canyon State Park
7 miles SW of Lander on Hwy 131
$8/night; Drinking water, toilets, tables, no hook-ups

US Forest Service, Sinks Canyon Campground
10 miles SW of Lander on Hwy 131
$8/night; Drinking water, toilets, tables, fishing areas, no hook-ups


Lander Mill House- Boutique Hotel

Address: 260 Grandview Dr, Lander, WY 82520
Phone: (307) 332-2847

Holiday Inn Express
1002 South 11th St
(307) 332-4005

Rodeway Inn Pronghorn Lodge
150 E. Main St.
(307) 332-3940

Climb Strong - Climbing Training
Climb Strong is the best source for information on strength, mobility, energy system maximization and more.
visit climbstrong.com for more or
head over to: ELEMENTAL PERFORMANCE + FITNESS 134 Lincoln St Lander WY

Jessica Graham Robinson - Sacred Healing Arts
Massage, yoga, Health, Coaching - 307-349-4986
Call for appointments

Sandy Bath - Sweetwater Wellness Theraputic Float and Hollistic Center
Sandy is an intuitive healer. Her facility features float pod technology to deliver a healing and relaxing sensory deprivation experience.
Float tank appointments - 307-330-7625

Jagoe Warren - Bhava Shala Community and Yoga Space
The Bhava Shala is a calming light space perfect for yoga and meditation. Check their facebook or website for daily class times or give a call. Personal sessions and massage can be booked by calling.
daily yoga, meditation, moving arts - 307-349-1160

Solieiana Abernathy - Wind River Acupuncture
Solieiana is extremely skilled in identifying and addressing recurring and chronic issues.
Appointments - 307-214-1548

Wendy Gebhart - Sage Wind Health
Naturopathy and Acupuncture - 307-332-1344

Paul Guschewsky and Carrie Tice - Acuhealth Acupuncture
Acupuncture - 307-332-7888

Sarah Kolman - This. One. Life. Sarah Kolman RN,MA,CHPN,INHC is an integrative nutrition health coach. She helps adults and children across the country to nutrition and lifestyle strategies to heal their bodies and live rich, meaningful lives.
Call for appointment - 307-350-8557

Lander: Lander was known as Pushroot, Fort Brown, and Fort Auger prior to its current name. The town was named Lander in honor of General Frederick W. Lander, a famous transcontinental explorer who surveyed the Oregon Trail's Lander Cutoff.[7] Several miles southeast of town near present-day U.S. Route 287 is the site of Wyoming's first oil well, circa 1884.[8] The town was incorporated in 1890.[9]

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lander,_Wyoming

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